Finally, Nepal votes in UN on LGBTI Independent Expert  

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 20 – Finally, Nepal has participated at United Nations vote on LGBTI independent expert. The voting took place on Monday night.  The voting is aimed at clearing the path to set up the office of Independent expert to end discrimination against LGBTI. Nepal has voted in favour of the selection independent experts.

The African Union proposal was against the formation of such panel.  85 votes were in favour of formation of such experts, while 75 were against the formation of such proposal or in favour of African Union proposal.

17 countries, including India abstained from voting. BDS has thanked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to taking the initiatiounn and voting in favour of minority rights.  “We have received an achievement and Nepal has been a party in this issue,” said BDS Chairman Pinky Gurung. She congratulated the members of this community for achieving rights.

Executive Director Manisha Dhakal said the voting means that Nepal’s access has reached in the international level after the hard work of 16 years. She said it is matter of pride for the minority community in Nepal. Deputy Director Parshuram Rai said negative message could have been spread if Nepal has not voted in favour of it. “This community could raise the several questions about the intention of government but now voting itself is an answer,” Rai said.

Earlier, Nepal has abstained the voting which has drawn a criticism from the minority groups, including from Blue Diamond Society. The BDS had urged the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers and National Human Right Commission which has finally worked.

There was re-voting on the selection of process as some African countries raised some questions on the voting.  UN has formed an independent expert to study the violation of human rights against this community.

The article 12 of the constitution has ensured citizenship to this community on the basis of identity, which has not been fully implemented.  Similarly, constitution has ensured the inclusive and proportional representation of all communities including LGBTI in the sate mechanisms, which remains poorly implemented.