First test tube baby’s parents say: Our child must get the right to call me father

Kathmandu/Pahichan – Manish, dared to open up and walk in his own way. Society started to talk about him, a biological female who identified as a man. Family and relatives commented saying their prestige tarnished. Society got tired but his determination was unwavering.

With the pain given by society, being a transgender man, Manish Yadav decided to take even harsh measures. He married with a woman. They could not have a biological child after marriage

“We heard that we can make test tube baby. We consulted with doctor. Both of us were ready for it. It wasn’t easy though. We needed money. I took loan and we put a test tube baby in my wife’s ovary. The fetus got developed. Our wish was getting fulfilled,” Yadav said.

Eight months passed with love and care. During the time of delivery, doctor said that Yadav’s wife had to be operated. We followed his advice. It was a hard time to collect money. They had a female child. They put her name Shivangi. This made them happy.

Yadav further added: “However, in other hand, society was still ignorant. Society couldn’t still understand. People started backbiting. When we brought our child back home, a huge number of people came to see. I felt like I brought home a goddess.”

Manish knew that it wasn’t legally allowed for a transgender man and a woman to make test tube baby. There was no provision for it. He told hospital that he is a biological man. But then he had to take help from Blue Diamond Society. BDS helped in explaining the hospital staffs what LGBTI is and then their wish became possible.

“We will make our daughter doctor”, his wife said. Manish said it is her own choice that she will decide what to be in future.  Manish was also involved in civil war. He found his love there and decided to get married. But her family separated them and Manish had to live alone. They got back, with a lot of struggles. Life is not always bed of roses. They faced a lot of barriers in life together

He was given torture by Maoist because he was of different gender identity. I always used to wonder why I have been misbehaved and where my rights are. Now I have stood for it. Now, they are in process of birth registration of their child. They are not able to do it, because they do not have marriage certificate.