For those troll creators who potray transgender people as funny

Rukshana Kapali /Pahichan  – With rise of social media, it has been used in various ways. Among mostly popular in Nepalese youths is humorous page, trolls and jokes. These things are reflection of the society. Although some social media pages have attempted to break social taboos and change the society, most of them reflect society, without thinking right or wrong.

In trend we mostly see people making fun of other people on basis of their socio-cultural background, and biological nature. Just for instance: Nepalese movie portrays Newar accent as funny and people laugh on it. It has become a joke that sells. Similarly, we can see in many Bollywood movies they portray gays, specially girly gays and transwomen in very negative way.

Just like these, one of the thing that mostly offends me is transphobic trolls, everywhere in response. Some of these are deliberately and openly derogatory. Others seem to be intended as lighthearted and playful. All are harmful. You’ve likely seen them on your social media feed. They range from suggestions that transgender people are very ugly, to jokes about men marring transwomen. They aren’t funny.

Most of the trolls come as transgender people are not beautiful at all, specially ones who cannot pass. But the troll creators are trypical “pakhe” who even do not know what transgender means, who are uneducated on LGBTI. When people are being attacked for being transgender, is that really an identity we think hordes of people are going to take on lightly? You also think that it is funny or un-manly when a man is going in relationship with a transwoman. Come on grow up! Even if a man is going for a transwoman. That’s better to love rather than to hate.

And put your toxic typical being man definition with you. Just because of people advertising that it is unmanly, funny, and inferior thing when a man is with a transwoman, a lot of hearts get broken. If you’re confused take time wth google surf “trans-attracted men” or “trans-oriented men”. No, transgender people are not ugly at all. Your thinking is!!! Transgender people do not lack beauty, you guys lack brain.

What can we accept from a troll page that reflects the social idea of being beautiful, such specific condition of being beautiful that completely ignores the diversity of human bodies and demeans a person just because they are trans. What kind of humor is that which demeans people based on gender identity and demeans people because they’ll be in relation with those.

We are not funny, your social norms based on typical ignorance of diverse gender identities is funny for people with brain. I wish you guys just grow up and get some education and stop creating transphobic trolls that strip transwomen as well as men who admirer them, tat strips them out of the humanity.