From Jaya Prakash to Anuska

Kailali (Pahichan) March 23 – Jaya Prakash Chaudhary was born in Durgauli, Subarnapur as a boy. Chaudhary’s identity was changed with course of time. Now, Chaudhary is 26 years year old. Though born as boy, Chaudhary himself used to feel girl.  His sexual feeling was like a female but he could not express it openly for the long time.

Two years ago, he expressed his identity with courage, and said, “I am a transgender.”  With courage, Chaudhary’s new name was also found- Anuska. Now, she is called by all as Anuska.  Anuska is studying MED second year. She walks in female getup though born as son of family.

Anuska complained that society has taken her in a negative way for being transgender. According to her, there are instances that some transgender are being expelled from family and society as well as from employment.  Anuska said society should treat member of this community in an equal way like male and female.