Gender and sexual minorities should get equal status: Kaphle

Kathmandu (Pahichan) September 26 – Popular folk singer Bhojraj Kaphle has said that gender and sexual minorities should get all the rights that ordinary citizen enjoy. “All citizens are equal, all marginalized community should get equal rights and treatment,” Kaphle said.

Speaking to Pahichan program, he said it would be better if albums could be released about this community. “Like the songs of Teej, songs of Dalit and political songs, we can construct songs of homosexual and transgender,” said Kaphile. No national singer has released album targeting homosexual and transgender.

“Last year, I have heard that a member of this community released a song on the occasion of Teej. We have felt that I can sing songs targeting this community,” he said. “Let’s see, we can do something,” he said. Kaphle who is not interested in the politics said it is a duty of government to ensure the rights of this community. He said they can speak against the social malpractices. After a week, he is preparing to release an album called Local Bhale.