Gender and sexual minority facing discrimination: Public

Ambika Dahal/Lalitpur (Pahichan) November 21 – People have said that members of gender and sexual minority are compelled to face discrimination. They expressed an anguish that society is yet to understand the members of this community though father and mother gave birth to them.

Archana Tandukar, a resident of Lalitpur Kumbeshwor said, “There is discrimination to the members of gender and sexual minority. However, they are equal to male and female,” she said. Maharjan who is working Khumbeshwor Service Cooperation further added, “Though the identity of this community are existent with the human civilizations, they are yet to become public so people still do not know about this community,”  Tandukar said.

Bikash Maharjan from Patan also feels that there is discrimination against this community. “In the films, members of this community are taken as a mock character so people still mock them,” he said adding that discrimination is taking in the places like school and health institutions. He said that there is need of additional awareness campaign to highlight the discrimination against this community.