Aaditya Rai/Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 12 – I’m 21. I knew my identity when I was 20. Had a poor family and background didn’t’ know about the world and had no destination. I was totally free like a bird but suddenly when I had big trauma in my life it changed my life forever.  My left hand was burn but never thought I was disabled because I always thought I can do everything likes normal people does. Although my society and friends make me feel different always took their view as my strong point.

When I was in organization since from my child hood after burning my left hand I know that moment l used to dress up like a girl and dance for others …I even thought kids a dancing and art. …Still I do. I know I was different but others still point me as bad influence.. I helped them whenever they need but can’t see my good point.

People have used me like a bubble gum for their desire and always yell at me in fronts of others…being as they were right. I  hate them and due to them mask my face so they don’t see me around because it’s so hard to make face to face them but I just can’t….Always wanted a loving person in life … used to thing wish( I had a boyfriend who love me like crazy….they never liked me and still they do not.

Had little hope one day they see me as good person but now I have left my hope from them…. So after passing S.L.C…I did a research about  lgbti (lesbian, gays, bisexual, transgender, etc. and found out  there is a society for people like us that gives us a counseling and support us. I even join a gay web page and found out that many people like us are suffered due to they are different than others . Many crimes are done to us but only the suffering is fags and rules are made for us.

We are isolated from family friends and neighbor’s ….it difficult to stand out against them but   raise a question before you point out others. Get  ready to know them about them have quriticity so that you can have a reasonable answer?   “just feel our pain that we had to suffer” we are human like u all. Just don’t see things as one side, once try to keep yourself as we and analyze it’s going to be   a grateful… “Speak out because there might be your kids like us who are listening to you”

 Now it’s the time to be open and act for your right and freedom.  Accepts us. I’m proud to say that our country is the best because they support us and they are acting as one nation.

In the day of 20th June found my lover boy. We had a lovely nights in my little cute room .I really love him and wish for to get rest of my life with him. We haven’t told or share our identity to our family because we are seen as sin in our past life and scared that they might do anything’s bad to us.  I know my biology mom Dianne Budd supports me a lot and I do support her and love her a lot.  And now I’m doing well with life working as art teachers in many different schools and going university.  It’s just very busy days …

“Being as an arts student at university I think people have to see as perspective humans are born with their own identity and gens.”