‘Give us constitutionally guaranteed rights’  

Kanchanpur (Pahichan) December 5 – Members’ gender and sexual minority have said that they should get opportunity to exercise the rights given by constitution. At an interaction organized by Blue Diamond Society with journalist in Kanchanpur, they said the article 12, 18 and 42 has ensured the rights for this community.

Rights activists Raju Lama who is working in this field said the discrimination should come to an end. He said after the securing rights in passport and citizenship, now there should be focus on legalizing same-sex marriage.

He said many couples of living together and if it is provided a legal status, they would be better. Anisha Dhamala said it is very difficult to live in the society disclosing the identity.

He said there is not an environment to disclose the identity. In the interaction, journalists said members of this community are facing discriminating and there is coordination among concerned agencies. They said all people should get the equal rights and it is very difficult to get rights without disclosing the identity.