Giving Orientation to National Human Rights Commission Staff  

Balram Chaudhari/Morang (Pahichan) July 24 – Blue Diamond Society organized an interaction program with National Human Rights Commission – Biratnagar Chapter in Biratnagar.

Speaking in the Program Coordinator Jhanak Bahadur Rawal of NHRC Biratnagar said that they have good coordination with Blue Diamond Society Biratnagar.

In an orientation session about LGBTI, Sanjay Sharma – Coordinator of DIVA Project in Blue Diamond Society shared the problems LGBTI community is facing in day to day life by family and society.

Mr. Jhanak Bhadur he said every human being have the same rights first we have to know human being means all the people so everyone have the equal rights .we don’t have do discrimination according to their sex, gender, sexuality, culture , color , casts, etc.

He said third gender are also natural they are not unnatural being MSM is neutrality not unnatural .we have to know human right means right of every people so why we separate third gender. He also said to do change government must play the main role to change because that is the major duty of government. In this way the orientation have been given to staff of National  Human Right   at Biratnagar .