Government expresses commitment to continue the services

Kathmandu(Pahichan) June 29 – Government has expressed commitment that it would allocate budget for the continuation of services being provided to the HIV infected homosexuals and transgender. The government said services will be continued.  The Ministry of Health and Population has proposed 170 million from government and 100 million from donor agencies. The Ministry has recommended incorporating the budget in the red book of annual budget.

Shanta Bahadur Shrestha, Secretary at Health Ministry said the money from donor agency that will come into state treasury will be mentioned in red book. Shrestha made such decision in a consultation with representatives of stake holders.

He said the money to be provided by Global Fund could not be taken as partner until it is deposited in government account. Shrestha said there has not been discussion about other alternatives with Global Fund.

The services being provided to HIV infected people are expiring on Mid-July.  He said Ministry is working to continue the services by ensuring the budget. The Ministry has directed Dipendra Raman Singh of AIDS control director to invite tender notice for the continuation of services. Stakeholders said that services could be halted after Mid-July if processes are not taken seriously.  Madhav Adhikari of National AIDS Federation quested who would be responsible if there is shortage of facilities.

Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society Manisha Dhakal said services should be continued even after mid-July.  Deputy Director Parshuram Rai said services should be continued. Raman Singh of Center said he would call for public tender as per Public Procurement Act without any delay.