Government has not taken LGBTI issues seriously : Stakeholders

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 7 – Stakeholders have said that government has not taken the issues of sexual and gender minority in a serious way. Speaking at a program organized at Women, Children and Senior Citizen complained that state is not liberal about their agenda. Government has said that concerns of this community are genuine and it must be addressed.

Minister Tham Maya Thapa said that she came to know that some members of this community were denied from fighting in election being transgender. She pledged to bring laws to pave the way for this community to fight the election and she gradually knows about this community.

Former Attorney General Hari Phuyal said government is working slowly about this community. Phuyal said advocacy of this community has come weak in the recent years. He said office of the prime minister should express concerns about the problems faced by this community.

Chair of Blue Diamond Society Pinky Gurung said though the situation of transgender is improving it has not taken expected speed. She said it is a matter of sadness that same-sex marriage is yet to be formulated.

Laxmi Ghalan of Mitini Nepal and Badri Pun of Inclusive Forum informed about challenges and problems faced of this community. Bharat Sharma, Under Secretary at Ministry said the current works are not sufficient. Sharma presented a paper about the current arrangements and challenges faced by this community.

  • There is not clear cut provisions in the regulations
  • The population of this community is not accurate
  • There is a need of changing several legal provisions
  • There is lack of awareness in this society and members of this community are being excluded
  • There are various groups in this community which needs to be separately addressed
  • Members of this community are being expelled from their homes
  • Members of this community are denied opportunities in employment, sports among others
  • There is no opportunity in foreign employment