Government should not delay to address LGBTI community

Madhav Dulal/Pahichan – There is a change in government leadership but it is also rigid like previous regimes. The government was formed on the basis of the people’s support but it suppressing the people. The case of Dr. Govinda KC is an example state brutality. State unnecessarily used the force to bring him to Kathmandu which was unjustifiable.

So far, others took benefit from medical education business, now the government is moving forward with the intention of exploiting this sector. In sum, we can say parties are exploiting this sector and no one is serious to resolve the problem. There is a mindset among ruling leaders that now it is their turn to take benefit from state as NC took benefit for the long time. There are no permanent friends and foes in politics but ruling parties are taking NC as their enemy which is flawed perception.

People do not have any interest and concerns concerning the benefit taken by parties while they were in government. People just want that the right of people should not be removed. But the government is not leaned towards the implementation of rights mentioned in the constitution, and to implement them without any delay.

There are many of people who are demanding rights. There are still discrimination based on racism, than that there are differences based on religion. There are also differences on the basis of politics, social and financial aspects. People have not died due to the poverty but a large section of people are still struggling to join hands and mouth.

Why did not I eat instead of taking into account the written in the legislation made by the legislature? The group seems to be growing at the last time which will eventually make politics unstable. The present government has secured the support of two-third members in national parliament and it has promised to bring peace, prosperity and development but people are gradually losing their hope and faith. If government wants to bring a change, it should bring a change in the life of Individual people.

In 2009, when a government led by CPN-Maoist was installed with majority votes in Parliament, there was a high hope but government failed to deliver its promise. There is no guarantee current government would not meet the same fate.

For the first time, after the formation of the government under communist leadership, about two-third of the vote, there are some hopes among people which should not diminish. Although still there are no disturbances. The government has a great time to fulfill the desire of rich people and prosperity of prosperous Nepal. It has been four months since the formation of new government but indications are no good. People have their full support to the people. Government can move ahead correcting their mistakes.

Government should treat all citizens with equal footing and no citizen should feel of being deprived from any rights and they all must get equal rights. Sexual and gender minority is always ready to support government endeavor if government provides equal rights to all citizens. Who does not support the government’ work! There are certain constitutional rights of sexual and gender minority which needs to be implemented.

The existence of this community was accepted since the inception of human civilization but this community is merely treated as a show case. In the Mahabharat, Rammayan and other religious texts, transgender were addressed by various titles. Members of this community express their happiness to know their history.

Now, let’s discuss about Supreme Court order issued on 2064 BS Poush 6 which has not been fully implemented yet. Following the court order, three members of this community took citizenship mentioning transgender in the gender section which helped to establish the identity of this community. Ministry of Home Affairs issued a circular in 2069 BS instructing District Administration Offices to provide citizenship on the basis of gender identity. However, there are still a lot of problems to implement the provisions. District Administration offices are seeking medical reports and asking a lot of questions to provide citizenship on the basis of identity. Founding Chair of BDS and Former Lawmaker Sunil Babu Pant, Pinky Gurung and Aanik Rana knocked the door of Supreme Court to ensure the right of citizenship as per gender identity and also correcting the educational certificates. But, government is not paying sufficient attention to implement those rights.

Twenty six countries have already legalized the same-sex marriage. With a purpose of conducting in-depth study about legalizing same-sex marriage, government formed a committee which has already submitted its report. The report was submitted to the then Chief Secretary Lila Mani Poudel in 2014 which is gathering a dust at Ministry of Women, Children and Senior citizens but there are not indications of implementation of report.

Though it is not possible to provide all rights mentioned in the constitution, government can prioritize the rights which members of this community can get right now. There are pessimism in this community that they may not get rights mentioned in the constitution. Government should not delay to address LGBTI community.