Govt to formulate laws to allow registration of inter-sex children

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 9 – Government is preparing to make legal arrangement for the birth registration of inter-sex people. The government has prepared a draft law regarding the chances on laws related to children. The draft states that children will get right to register their birth as per their gender identity

The draft states that inter-sex people will not be allowed to go for surgery except the cases related to life-saving. If surgery is undertaken, it will be regarded as violence against children. Under Secretary at Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare Buddhi Gurung informed that along with son and daughter, inter-sex and transgender have been incorporated.

The draft has been prepared in line with the constitutional provisions regarding gender and sexual minority.  “We are preparing to change laws considering our national context,” said Gurung.

Deputy Executive Director at Blue Diamond Society, Parshuram Rai said they are lobbying for the same provisions. He said they will closely work with government to implement such provisions.