Grand human rights convention picks up the concerns of gender and sexual minority

Kathmandu(Pahichan) December 15 – In the declaration of seventh national human right grand convention, the issue of sexual and gender minority has been incorporated. The grand convention which concluded issuing 25-point has stated about his community in 16- point.

The declaration states that homosexual and transgender should get the liberty of living with disclosure of their identity. In the three-day convention, Deputy Director of Blue Diamond Society Parshuram Rai has raised those issues of this community during the session. “We have demanded to address our concerns,” Rai said, “This is the result of our efforts,” Rai said.

He said: “The declaration will be submitted to president and other bodies. He expressed that such steps would help to institutionalize the rights of this community. BDS is a member of organizing the grand convention.

“Human rights in all houses, basis of peace and development” was the slogan of convention. Similarly other themes were democracy, human rights inclusivity: participation of all sectors in state and participation of women.

Similarly, the paper published on human rights day also stated that the economic, social and cultural rights of gender and sexual minority should be ensured. There was also a commitment of ending all types of discrimination. Of late, the concerns of this community have been taken by both government and non-governmental organization.  National Human Rights Commission has fixed a focal person to address the complaints regarding this community.