Guff Gaff on Marriage Equality

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 13 – LOOM Nepal has conducted a session of Guff Gaaf on Marriage Equality today. The session was introduced by Gita Thapa from LOOM while human rights activist from Blue Diamond Society (BDS) who is also in Advisory committee of LOOM, Bhumika Shrestha was the moderator.

LOOM as a feminist organization invited for this informal discussion by talking with diversity of women movement. Bhumika Shrestha explained about the history of BDS and LGBTI, on the blames of society, negative coverage of media and the struggles of BDS.

“When we started, we could not talk with human rights perspective. In 2005 human rights issues came strongly. Then in 2006 we joined with women movement. Yet, very less people understood about LGBTI. Our co-ordination with feminist organizations went smooth”, Bhumika said.

The history about 2007’s decision was also explained. The way heteronormality has affected in our society, it was really difficult to talk about same sex marriage. However, the bill of same sex marriage has been taken forward to many levels.

Canada was the first country to legalize homosexuality and South Africa was the first to incorporate LGBTI in their constitution. In context of South Asia, Nepal is taking a leading point in LGBTI rights. Bhumika Shrestha talked on challenges of passing Marriage Equality bill. She said that she does not believe in marriage, because she as a daughter-in-law cannot live a happy and accepted life in Nepalese society.

Similarly, Bibek Magar from Sath Sath put forth the issue of hidden gay population living together and the violence that happens there. In such cases when gay people living together and one partner does violence to other; there is an issue with getting legal justice. Because it is difficult for a heteronormative minded people even to listen about men and men in relation as well as also there isn’t any legal provision for these kinds of cases.

Rukshana Kapali shared a story of her friend who was connected with her in Facebook in a hidden ID commited suicide two months ago, because he was a gay man in closet and forced to marry a woman and frustrated, depressed to suicide. Marriage Equality is an essential aspect of LGBTI rights and human rights movement, also the feminist movement. The guff gaff was concluded with this.