Homosexual, transgender facing problems due to the lack of knowledge

Raj Chaudhari/Kailai (Pahichan) November 7- Students have said that members of gender and sexual minority are facing hurdles due to the lack of proper knowledge. This is because there are not any provisions of teaching about his community in school. Students are not allowed to attend any programs related to homosexual and transgender.

Not only teachers in the schools, father and mother also need awareness campaign about this community. Raju Lama, regional coordinator of Blue Diamond Society Far-western chapter said due to lack of positive attitude towards this community they are facing discrimination, abuse and violence.

In the program, Lama said members of this community are being denied from acquiring knowledge. In an orientation program organized by Society’s Regional Office, Lama said all should struggle like the Former Lawmaker Sunil Babu Pant. The rights of gender and sexual minority have been ensured in the new constitution due to the role played by Pant. He said they are planning to invite Pant in the Dhangadi.