Homosexual, transgender of Siraha facing high level HIV infection

Siraha (Pahichan) December 2 – It has been identified that many homosexual and transgender are having sex without using condoms. Due to which large number of this community are suffering from HIV infections.

Lahan Chanpter of Blue Diamond Society said that altogether 12 people are affected from HIV AIDS.  Program Director Laxmeshwor Yadav said there are 3600 homosexual and transgender in the district and out of them 12 are HIV affected.

According to him, there are the problems of treatment as they do not want to disclose their identity. “Due to the lack of awareness they are not receiving, we are distribution condoms to them, said Yadav. According to District Halth Office Siraha, there are 52 HIV infected people in the district. Age between 18 to 40 is most infected from