Homosexual, transgender would get all rights : NC lawmaker Bhandari

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 30 – Nepali Congress lawmaker Budhiram Bhandari has said that homosexual and transgender would get all rights. He said members of this community should not stay without any rights. Speaking to Pahichan Radio program, Bhandari said as it is age of ensuring the rights of animal, no man should be denied from any rights.

“The situation of women twenty years ago was exactly like the situation of transgender today. Now, women have received more rights than male. Therefore transgender would get all rights,” said Bhandari.

“As animal are getting rights there are no doubts that members of this community would be deprived from any rights.” According to him, constitution has already ensured rights of homosexual and transgender, time has come to ensure these rights in law. He said all concerned people shoulder the responsibility of formulating laws accommodating rights of this community.  “The newly adopted constitution has addressed this minority community, there is a need of some activism to formulate laws,” he said. He assured of playing a vital role for the formulating gender friendly laws.