Hotline operator training boots the skills of gender and sexual minority

Kathmandu (Pahichan) January 9 – Blue Diamond Society has provided hotline operator training to gender and sexual minority. Altogether 11 people took part in two-day training. The Israel Aid (Israeli Development Agency) has provided the assistance for the operation of training.  Helina Yanif, a representative of Israeli Aid provided training. She is an expert of personality development training and social counseling.    

HotlineIn the training, Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society Manisha Dhakal urged to utilize the training for personality development. “After the completion of your training, you will go in your respective work areas and come up with experience,” Dhakal said, “After the training there will be changes both in your degree of self-confidence and working capacity.”  Dhakal suggested participants to learn something from Helina and enhance the capacity to work everywhere.

After the training, participants said operation of past hotline service was without any standards and they have received knowledge for the improvement in coming days. They said training has boosted their self-confidence, and they can work in any organizations.

In the past, we committed a lot of mistakes because we lacked sufficient knowledge,” said Apekshya Dahal, “Now, we will not repeat such mistakes because we now know how to deal with the people who speak with different intention.”  After the training, she learned how to give proper answer.

Piter Tamang, who is hotline operator at BDS, said there is lack of sufficient knowledge in the past though tasks were performed on the basis of experiences and suggestions. “The knowledge we learned yesterday is not sufficient to perform tasks today,” Tamang said, “In the coming days, we are ready to perform all responsibilities. After the training, he said, there will be changes in his personality and working style.

Alisha Tamang, a participant, said training is useful for the personality development. “I am not working as hotline operator but I have received training on how to perform in the social sector,” said Tamang.  She said such training would bring changes in personality development of any people and it would bring changes in the works.