How transgender celebrate Tihar festival ?

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 16 – It has been nine years since Jyoti Thapa started to offer Tika to her elder brother. She fulfilled her responsibility of sister. This year also, she is preparing to celebrate Tihar festival offering various sweats. Probably she is only one member of gender and sexual minority who is so lucky.

She named herself as Jyoti (light) with a purpose of being so bright, and spreading lights to other as well. It is her skill to convince society that she is a transgender daughter.

She is free from the pain and suffering that others face in the society. Doors are always open for her to celebrate all festivals. Family knew her problems and accepted her. In this sense, she is a lucky transgender girl. Nine years ago, he gave her identity with a view that society should understand her and her identity. From the same year, she started to offer Tika to her younger and elder brothers. She is making a good progress in Modeling and currently working in Blue Diamond Society Bhaktapur.

Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinky Gurung celebrated this year’s Dashain with big fanfare. Like Jyoti, she is another lucky transgender who has been accepted by her family. She is celebrating Tihar as a daughter since four years. However, her Tihar is slightly different form others. “I feel a little bit uncomfortable to play the role of elder sister,” she said.

That is why she is not offering Bhai Tika.  She feels that it is not appropriate to speak against the social and family customs. Her wishes of offering Tika have not been fulfilled. She is celebrating festival with the members of Blue Diamond Society.

Preeti, however, does not offer Bhai Tika. She is of the view that society is yet to accept this community. Preeti who lives in Gwarko said,” Many friends are still living a miserable life. Though they are disclosing their identity, they are facing problems when they go homes to celebrate Dashain.  “Though Tihar is a good festival, it does not bring happiness to gender and sexual minority,” She said, adding that they are compelled to suppress their wishes due to the social discrimination. From this her, Preeti is preparing to celebrate Tihar festival.

Khusbu Gurung disclosed her identity this year. She did not face any problem when she went as transgender girl to celebrate Dashain festival this year. Her father and mother easily accepted her this time. Khusbu is doing make-up art course has two elder brothers but she does not have a courage of celebrating Dashain.  “Probably, I will celebrate Tihar next year. It will take time to live a normal life as transgender women,” she said.

Rukshana Kapali is already accepted by her family as transgender daughter. Her family members take her in a comfortable way like other members of society. She was born as elder son of family and later turned into girl but she has not celebrated Tihar festival. She has a younger brother. She said members of transgender are still suppressing their wishes due to social reasons. She said every people has the right to celebrate Dashain festival.