I am facing difficulties to make my gender identity public: Pun

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 6 – Gay male Toran Pun has said that it is very difficult for him to disclose the identity. Pun said though he knew his gender identity twenty years ago, it has been very difficult to disclose identity. Pun is living inside the room after friends discriminated him. “There was a lot of bullying to me though I tried to go near to my friends,” said Pun.

Pun said all people are equal and they must be treated accordingly and any accusations are unacceptable. “People with disabilities and with separate gender identity could born so there must not be discrimination,” said Pun.  He further added that very members of this community are disclosing their identity. “I had to struggle hard in my family.

It took me a long time to inform my family members,” Pun said. Pun said that only the partial issues of gender and sexual minority have been addressed. “The rights we are receiving today are just a small portion and we have to receive a lot. We will continue our struggle to get more rights,” said Pun. Pun said social attitude towards gender and sexual minority is becoming positive in recent times.