I am familiar with LGBTI : BK

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 14 – Dance Director Shiva BK has said that he is familiar with LGBTI community since 20 years. He had met a member of this community and received knowledge about this community.  “We have to respect to each other.

Otherwise conflict will emerge. Members of this community do not have their children so they can serve the country without any prejudices,” said BK. They do not have the greed of collecting money.

BK said he is ready to provide all kinds of assistances to the members of this community. He said if Blue Diamond Society creates any songs, he is ready to push it. He requested members of this community to put forth their issues without any hesitations.

He said society should get information about this community. He said members of this community have a good capability of dancing. He said in terms of rights, all people are equal. He said special rights should be granted to disadvantaged group.