I am informing CA members about the rights of homosexual and transgender : CA member Nembang

Kathmandu( Pahichan) August 6-“There is debate and discussion on this issue world wide, so we should not stop it here,” Constituent Assembly(CA) member Aindra Sundar Nembang said about same-sex marriage, ” Every should get the right to marry with any people they want. Constitution should guarantee this right, it is a fundamental right.”

Regarding the context of sexual orientation in the draft constitution Nembang said: “Lawmakers asked about this word and we tried to inform them about its importance.”

“We have incorporated this word but it is not sure how it would be helpful to ensure the right of this community,” Nembang said. He said that he informed the lawmakers about the homosexual and transgender.
“In the initial days, there was not much discussion about it, now there is open and candid discussion on it,” Nembang said adding that discrimination will be ended in all sectors like in Public Service Commission, Police among others. “It would have been better if there was the representation of this community in Constituent Assembly (CA)  and Parties should have been serious about it,” Nembang said it would be better if there was a representation of a single lawmaker. He said this community should get citizenship and passports without any discrimination.