I am seeking help to stand strong in my identity

Kathmandu (Pahichan) September 16 – My name is Shanti Danuwar. I am 20 years old. I’m the Transgender (Tran’s man). My home is in Kavrepalanchok district. I was born as a daughter but my soul is the son.

All people took me as a boy and my activities were also like a boy.  When I was children, I did not face much embarrassments and discrimination. When I gradually grew up in terms of physical structure and age, I encountered a lot of embarrassments.

I got attracted to a girl. When I crossed 15 years, I started to ask myself, who am I?  My question was in terms of gender identity. I know there are many people like me in this world. I started to find about sexual and gender minority and made efforts to know myself.

As I arrived at the age of 17-18, I began to feel my body as like having a prison. There was not any with me confident; it was difficult to talk with others. People started to enquire my parents about my gender identity. Even, people started to laugh saying I was a boy or girl.

My souls were boy but physical appearance was like girl. When I started to live in girls dress and style, I felt bad. And I thought that, instead of dying every day, I decided to change my gender identity.

I told the family. The sisters understood but their father did not understand. But it was happened two months when I started to take first hormone. I’m very pleased with this hormone change in my body. My voice is deeper. My whiskers were not coming. But not fully supported by the family.

My main problem is money because without money, nothing is possible. I want to find organization which could help me.

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