I want to live a secure life

Rakibul Hasan/Pahichan – When I was a child of13 years old, my feelings were different from any other boys. I was told my parents that I feel like a different. This was not well received in my family. I was told that I am a gay I like boy.

rakibul-hasanI was beaten and put into a psychiatric hospital by my parent’s. In Bangladesh, there is no positive treatment for homosexual. Over the next four years I had testosterone injections and surgeries .My family forced me for do that surgery   order to make my body more masculine, i have that surgery scars. By the time when I was 18, the leader of mosjid told my parents that I  would no longer be welcome because i am strange .my parents  at last decide that they through me out of home but there have a problem. Actually, my grandfather gave me his property by power of attorney.  When my grandfather will died his everything will mine. My parents know that but in my society there have lots of problems at least they through me out

After completed my secondary education, I was come to Dhaka, I made a try of attending  college because I believed that maybe Dhaka would be more liberal to me than other district because its capital but People in Dhaka were not more accepting than in my home town. I was mistreated by my coworkers and college teachers. Even though I presented myself as male, my general feminine appearance and mannerisms made me an easy target for harassment and abuse. After finished my college when I was trying for admission for bachelor’s .university ultimately rejected from university for my failure to conform to gender orientation.

I was under constant threat of violence. Men threatened to burn my face with acid if I come three normal society because If I stay with normal society. Three child flow me and they will be gay it was there thinking .they don’t allow me in their society. The authorities in Dhaka have no protection to LGBT people. Even in Bangladesh I was assaulted by the police: a group of officers assaulted me they burned by cigarettes on my body I have spotted, after that. They (police) through me on the side of the road, bloody and alone.

That time I was helpless my family forced me and trying for take my property. And, another problem no any university don’t accept my application for admission.at that time I thought any how I have to go outside for save me and continue my study. I was insecure there.  At that time I met with 2gay people in Facebook and I share everything with them, and they have a student consulting farm and they advise me for trying for student visa in USA, Russia and country.

At that time I was agreed with that because of my insecurity in my society. My grandfather has a fixed deposit I break that deposit and give them money for my visa and tuition fees in USA University. But they cheating with me they took my all money.  I was under threat by my society people Muslim people. I was working with an LGBT organization its name ROOPBAAN.

I was threatened my Muslim fundamental.  They killed my 2 gay friends who were working with me also. Anyhow I was trying for leaving my country.  I informed UNHCR Geneva and Canada law center what will helpful for me and they also suggest me to come in another country and apply for refugee and also my family forced me for sell the property and they want money.  I thought that if they took property or money they just through me because they never accept my orientation. they are looking for my property . My family thought if I leave country they never find me and they can’t take my property because my grandfather gives me power of attorney in court not any others. When i came in Nepal my gay friends was normal and I gave them money and my gold ornaments. I thought that they help me but in Nepal they torture me like an animal. I was eating only what they will allow and I was doing their cooking, washing, even giving those massages. If i does not obey, i was torture and beaten. The Blue Diamond Society gives me accommodation. Now my friends through me alone. They took my some paper and that bank document and money receipt that I give for my student visa.

 I’m in touch with the UNHCR office, with a representative named Deepa and bhaggi . My Nepal Visa already expired. I want to finally live a life free of persecution, violence and abuse. Repatriation is not an option:  my home is very hostile to LGBT people.  And my family only looking for my property they never accept me.if I go back  my country I am sure I will hacked by conservative Muslim group as like they hacked my tow gay friend and my family forced me for take that property and through me mental hospital.

Now I’m totally helpless. My friends took my all money when i was in Bangladesh and in here they took my some bank document and main birth certificate paper. Now I’m so much insecure in here. Blue Diamond Society chairman and director help me for overcome this critical situation. I am facing a lot of problems now.  Before 15 days I saw that someone flowed me. I am insecure here. If anything will happen badly with me I do not have the place to go. Please help me to get a new life in any LGBTI country and I need sponsorship for third country resettlement.  UNHCR should recommend me for the third country settlement because I am a gay like you and I am human.