I will address the issues of this community : Education Minister

Kathmandu (Pahichan) May 20 – National Assembly member Ram Narayan Bidari has said that he is well aware about the rights secured and problems faced by sexual and gender minority.

Speaking at a program organized by Blue Diamond Society on the screening of Jiudo Aakash, Bidari remembered that he raised the issues of sexual and gender minority as a member of Constituent Assembly and Parliament.

“Some rights have been mentioned in the constitution and some rights are yet to be secured. I am always with this community,” said Bidari. Minister for Education Giriraj Mani Pokhrel said he came to see the drama that should not be missed.

“I came here leaving some works of Ministry. Now, I have felt that I should not miss the drama,” said Pokhrel. He pledged to incorporate the issues of this community in school curricula.

He said Curriculum Development Board will take steps to incorporate the issues of this community in the education sector. Asked about the row over registration form, Pokhrel said he would deliver what he is promising to this community.

Transgender rights activist Sanjaya Sharma said state must grant the rights of marriage to this community. He said members of this community are facing rape by marrying with opposite sex. “Lawmakers must play a role to ensure same-sex marriage,” said Sharma.

Transgender rights activist Aanik Rana said tears were rolled in the check while watching this drama. “We are facing such issues in our daily lives. Donor agencies must take this documentary in the village,” said Rana.