If discrimination is to be stopped, we must end discrimination against LGBTI as well

Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 4 – Parliamentarian Shreemaya Thakali said that in order to end discrimination, we must end LGBTI discrimination as well. Shreemaya Thakali, a representative in the parliament from Nekapa Emaale, said that discrimination upon anyone cannot be acceptable.

“When we are working against violence, we need to stop saying some discriminations are okay and some are not”, Shreemaya said, “Whether it is discrimination to women, whether it is discrimination to Indigenous and Ethnic groups, or it is discrimination to LGBTI, none of them are acceptable.”

She said that she has been in the women movement since a long time, but her success kissed her feets during 63/64’s. “Before I also did not know what LGBTI was, but after the first constitutional assembly, their issue came out strongly”, she said, “When I came from the Constituent Assembly of 70s, I knew about LGBTI issues more. They have a lot of problems”

She said that when government is not paying attention to bring laws according to new constitution. Even the same sex marriage laws are being delayed due to negligence of Nepalese government.