Impact of Pahichan Radio program : A transgender discloses his identity

Doti (Pahichan) August 12 – A transgender from Doti District has disclosed his gender identity after listening the Pahichan Radio Porgram. The program is being broadcasted from Suklafata FM.  Rohit approached Dhangadi Office of Blue Diamond Society after he listened.

“I used to hear Pahichan program every day. The program gave me a sense that I am a transgender. After reaching to BDS office it was confirmed,” Mohit said. Rohit said there are still discrimination to homosexual and transgender in the rural areas of country.

“People label us as Chhakka, Hijada which is very painful to use,” Rohit said. Rohit said he was unaware of sharing his story with friends in college. According to him, members of this community are facing sexual violation in public places. He said he would play a role to inform people about this community.