In Pyuthan, one transgender is voting in poll with identity

Pyuthan (Pahichan) November 26 – In Pyuthan district, there is one transgender voter. She looks like a women and wearing dress of women but voice is like a male. Hira Kumari Kumal is permanent resident of Pyuthan Municipality-3 and she is from Pyuthan-1 electoral constituency. She is voting from a polling station located at Muki Secondary School. She is voting third time.

Earlier she voted in second Constituent Assembly (CA) elections and local level elections. She said leaders are failing to fulfill their assurances they make during electioneering.  “I live alone and there is no one to support me. I am capable for job but I have not received by jobs,” she said adding that she sought job with local level election candidates.

There are eight members in her family. She is worried about the financial security after she turns old. Out of 138641 voters, 72600 are female and 66099 are male voters. Out of them, the number of transgender is one, according to Election Officer Krishna Bahadur Kunwar.