Increasing concern over the homosexual, transgender

Kathmandu (Pahichan) January 15 – It has been found that there is increasing concern over the rights of sexual minorities such as homo sexual and transgender. Not only at the level of teachers, there are concerns and awareness among students about the issue. A group of student from Sahid Ramnath Dahal Memorical College reached the office of Blue Diamond Society and asked “is there discrimination in their own houses to the homogenous and third gender?”  

They were concerned that if any homosexual or transgender people are born he will face discrimination from their own family. Chairman of Sexual Minority Student Forum informed that there are discrimination from family, society and state.IMG_20141216_130038344

Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Sanjeev Gurung Pinky said she has not faced by discrimination at her home. “I am receiving respect and dignity in my Home,” she said with a smile in her face. But, in several cases even their parents discriminate and abuse the sexual minority.

Advocate Sujan Panta said asked about the history of the campaigned launched by Pinky. Pinky said she was just 20 years when she launched campaign in favor of sexual minorities. Panta said he has already prepared a thesis about this community. “It is a matter of haplessness that people are gradually becoming open and visit this office,” Panta said.

Former Lawmaker Sunil Babu Panta said there is a need to end the negative mindset of media about the rights of this community. Participants of the program appreciated the role played by Panta.  The Coordinator of Sahara project Durga Thapa, transgender activitist Bhumika Shrestha informed the teachers and students that attempts are being made to secure the more rights of this community. Chairman Pinky said Sunil Babu Panta has played a vital role to expose the issues this community at the national and international level. Thapa is flying to Philippines for one year on the scholarship.