Inter-sex people born in Rupandehi

Rupandehi (Pahichan) March 20 – In the Pokharibhindi of Rupandehi-1, an inter-sex infant has been born. The sex of children is unclear which was born in early morning Chaitra 1. Sandhaya Yadav gave birth to such child. The name of father is Suresh Yadav.

The birth of such children made the doctors and nurses at hospital surprised. Though it is the responsibility of doctors to inform family that it is natural they are expressing a surprise. A team of Blue Diamond Society Bhairawaha Chapter visited the hospital after the birth of such infant.IMG_6340 (1)

It is stated that there is traditional mindset in the society about the birth of such children; however, family members have taken it in a normal way. Bishu Maya Praja of BDS visited the hospital to know about the inter-sex children. Praja told the Yadav to take it in a normal way stating that such children are born in any parts of the world.

Praja suggested the family members not to conduct the surgery of such children. She said some children are born as transgender. Sandhay’s sister in law said that after the visit of BDS team they have been positive about the children and it has boosted their power to fight with the society’s negative attitude towards it.