Interaction between BSW students and BDS representatives

Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 3 – Around 100 students of Bachelor Social Works of Herald International College were assembled at Blue Diamond Society after knowing that there is existence of transgender in the society along with male and female.

Who are LGBTI?

BhumikaStudents asked a question: How people know about transgender? Transgender Bhumika Shrestha tried to address the concerns and questions of students about BDS and LGBTI. Shrestha informed the students of BA first year and second year about various aspects of homosexual and transgender community.

Shrestha informed mainly about sex, gender and sexual orientation as well as sex inclination and sexual attraction. Shrestha informed about five categories under LGBTI.

“Lesbians are those who born as girl but they are sexually attracted to girl. In the case of male, it is called gay,” Shrestha said. According to Sherstha, transgender people have two features.  Shrestha also informed about transman and transwomen.

“I am an example of transwomen,” said Shrestha. Sherstha also informed about bio-sexual and inter-sex. Sherstha also collected four persons of separate category and provided an opportunity for interaction.Bhakti

She introduced Bhakti Shah who was born as female but now she does not like a female, Shah holds some features of male. Similarly, she informed about Apekshya Dahal, a female, who is attracted to female who is called Lesbian.

Similarly gay Bisoraj Adhikari was example of gay and Eshan Regmi, example of inter-sex. There were intensive discussions about various aspects of Shan, Adhikar and Regmi who represent different categories.

Queries of students

After receiving full information about the features of LGBTI, students asked about the various aspects of this community such as birth of children and discrimination they are facing among others. They also tried to resolve the problems. Students asked Bhakti Shah about the feelings. “I feel that I am like Rajesh Hamal and Salman Khand,” Shahi said. When students asked about her mensuration, she turned sentimental and said, “I think it is a punishment by god to me.”  Heralda

Students also asked about how homosexual and transgender address their partners. Bisoraj Adhikari said, “After marriage, lesbians call each other as wife and gay call each other husband.”  Eshan Regmi informed about inter-sex people.  “At the time of birth, I was a girl but gradually my sexual organ were like a boy so that my parents took me India for treatment but it was not possible, “said Regmi. “After joining BDS, I came to know about this community,” said Regmi.

According to Regmi, there is an international network of inter-sex people.  According to an American organization, there are sixteen types of inter-sex people.  “We were born from heterosexual. We cannot give birth to children,” Adhikari said. “If you do not like children, you can live with use.”  A student said they he wants children.