It is the stupidity of people to discriminate transgender: Moktan

Kathmandu (Pahichan)  April 26 – Singer Kunti Moktan has said that it is stupidity of people to discriminate gender and sexual minority. Moktan said like male and female, transgender are human beings, and they should not be discriminated.

Speaking to Pahichan Radio program, Moktan said there are no reasons that members of this community should be view in a different way in the society. If that happens, it is just a stupidity. She said discrimination is taking place due to the lack of awareness in the society.

“They act like us, they think like us and they are also making contribution for the society and country so there is no reason to discriminate them,” said Moktan. According to her, there is a need of massive awareness in the society to end the discrimination against this community.

“We are not accepting the diversity in the society which is a main problem,” said Moktan. “Only the education is not sufficient, there is a need of behavioral change,” Moktan said.