Jiudo Aakash: Voice of transgender  

Manisha Paudel/Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 5 – Our society is yet to know the community which has different gender and sexuality than male and female. That is why members of this community are compelled to live in a complicated social structure.

They are out of mainstream of national development. Due to the lack of strong state protection, fundamental aspect of human rights in this community appears weak. The drama Jiudo Aakash has properly illustrated the problems faced by this community. Gaurav was born as a male.

During the course of upbringing, Gaurav’s body formation, wishes and behavior was like a girl. Since the childhood, Gaurab was attracted to cosmetic of ladies, got attracted to male. After entering teenage, Gaurab’s sexual identity gradually becomes different from that of male and female. He becomes alone in the crowd of friends. Family members started to give mental torture saying that Gaurav tarnished the image of family. Due to the social pressure and misbehavior, Gaurav leaves his study in halfway. He was labeled as infertile man in the society.

Transgender are facing such problems in the society which has been illustrated in Jiudo Aakash.  Dramatist Chandra Prasad Pandey has reflected the actual social status through drama.  The negative attitude towards this community has been illustrated in the society. The central issue of drama is the pain caused by social unacceptability. “I do not want to be in male’s line, either in female line. The volunteer objected when I stay in between two,” Gaurab expressed such dialogue where he went to be recruited in Nepal Army.

This dialogue clearly presents the mental and physical problems faced by this community.  Seeking job in Army, Gaurab has sent to Ilam. Due to separate gestures and style, Gaurab faces exploitation.

In the stage, Artist Anil Subba has presented the psychology of transgender. Many feel that it is not a drama but a reality of society. After meeting with Sima, Gaurav identifies himself as Garima. Due to family pressure, Gaurav marries with a female. Gaurav married with a girl suppressing these desires. After marriage, Gaurab faces more complications. Gaurab fails to fulfill the desire of his wife. Gaurav always gets attracted to male.

Fail in love, leaving study in midway, misbehavior while trying to join Nepal Army and unsuccessful marriage. An ordinary man receives failure one after another. Such situation makes in mentally injured.  Behind such scenario, negative attitude of society was responsible which has been reflected in the society. Society has built a wall targeting this community.

Audiences feel that they themselves faced such discrimination and problems. The plight of Gaurab makes the eyes of audience wet. Society, however, is yet to confess that there is a transgender community beyond male and female. The technical part of Drama is very good. This is the first presentation of Daphe Theatre and it is directed by RK Meheta. The drama will be staged till Monday. Earlier, drama was staged in July.