Journalist should understand LGBTI : Gaunle

Kavre (Pahichan) December 11 – Former President of Federation of Nepalese Journalist Shiva Gaunle said that journalist should properly understand gender and sexual minority.

Speaking at a Media Sensitization Program organized by Blue Diamond Society, Gaunle said journalist should understand society and to understand society it is necessary to understand LGBTI. “Journalist must understand society.

Understanding society means understanding the various aspects of society and journalist should accept pluralism,” Gaunle said. Gaunle recalled his experience when Himal Media published a story on LGBTI when journalists were not fully informed about this community.

Many people had congratulated him for publishing story on LGBTI. He said issues weightage depends on its sociology, politics and economics.

He said even the stories prepared on LGBTI would be saleable.  He said both media and LGBTI should accept their norms in their professions.