Journalists told to write positive issues on LGBTI

Lalitpur (Pahichan) September 17 – Members of gender and sexual minority have requested the journalist to impart positive message when it comes to the issues of gender and sexual minority. They are of the view that if journalist provide positive message it would be easy for them to adjust in the society.

“Media write about us saying that we can give birth to children but we expect positive writing by media,” said Laxmi Ghalan who is working in Mitini Nepal. Speaking at a program organized by Nepal Environment Journalist Group Ghalan said there are some journalists within this society.

She said journalists from this community are not getting opportunities. Bhawana Bhatta , Central Committee member of NGO Federation Nepal said that there is a need of joining hands between journalist and social organizations.  They asked the journalist to pay attention to the social issues and bring them out.