K & K College provides scholarship to transgender

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 4 – K & K International College has said that it is started to provide scholarship to the transgender students of grade 11 and 12. The college said the scholarship that was provided to the members of marginalized community in the previous years has been extended to transgender from this year.

Bimal Khadka, Chair of governing board of College said they have started to provide scholarship to transgender. From this academic session, three transgender have started to read on scholarship. Mitini Nepal has recommended two students, while Blue Diamond Society has recommended one student.

“We will make arrangement to those students who are denied from their study due to poor economic condition,” said Khadka.  The college has accepted to provide citizenship to Anjal Lama who won the title of Miss Pink competition 2018.

Lama came to the contact of BDS two years ago and there is not still a favorable condition for her to go to her home in women’s dress. He dropped the college while studying in grade 11.

Speaking to Pahichan, Anjal has expressed her willingness to continue her study.  According to college, the total amount of scholarship would be one lakh 20 thousand.

Prawal Khadka and Sudip Waiba have provided to other expenses of those students. Government has not provided any support to the me members of this community in education sector.