Kumari’s family deprived from relief

Kathmandu (Pahichan) May 27—People used to call saying Kumar, She used to tell them that I am girl and call saying Kumari. People used to challenge her to bring husband if she is really girl, 50 years old Panch Kumari Bhujel said; “Now we can say neither Kumar nor Kumari. Kumari, a permanent resident of Dharan Sunsari ward-12, died in April 25 earthquakes.

She used to live in Naxal and died when he was trying to evacuate all the people outside the House. The transgender Kumari’s mother is in deep sorrow and her tears have not stopped. Kumari’s mother is in Kathmandu to receive the relief provided by the government. “Kumari was the only source of income in our family. Now, I do not know who will take care of me,” Panchakumari said.IMG_20150526_130303646

Kumari who projected herself as girl used to work at Sunsari District chapter office of Blue Diamond Society. Now, Kumari was affiliated at central office of Society. “Her demise has made us worried,” said Pinki Gurung, Society Chairman. Chairman Gurung expressed the deep sorrow over the demise of Kumari. Kumari’s family is yet to get money and relief from the government.

According to Panch Kumari Bhujel, Dharan Municipality has requested to take relief money from Kathmandu but she is facing difficulties to take relief in Kathmandu. According to her, Sandhaya Tamrakar of Dharan provided her Rs 4,000 to come to Kathmandu. “Please help her to get the relief in Kathmandu,” Sandhaya told over the telephone.  According to Panchakumari, Kumari was planning to go abroad this year and earn money. She was facing difficulties due to lack of citizenship and other documents.

Till now, transgender Kumari, Jyoti Prakash KC, health officer at Blue Diamond Society and one unidentified people died in April 25 Earthquake, according to Deputy Director of Society Parshuram Rai. Communication Officer at Blue Diamond Society and Central Member of Federation of Nepalese Journalist Madhav Dulal was bereaved.  His father Govinda Dulal died in April 25 Earthquake.