Lama feels happy

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 15 – Thailand has bagged the title of Miss Pink International. Brazil has bagged the title of first runner up and Venezula has been second runner up. In the Miss Pink International Talent Round, Anie Lama has secured fourth position.

There was the represenatation of 28 countries and they were provided the opportunuty of training for 10 years. Lama said the training was appropirate for her. Lama participated in Photo Suit, Bikni Suit, talent round, miss photo among others.

She also presented a video introducing Nepal focusing on Mount Everest and Gautam Buddha.  She also got the opporuntiy to be introduced with new friends. “ I am feeling happy because I got the opporunity to learn the culture of other countries and inform about us,” Lama told Pahichan.