Law implementing agencies are incapable: NHRC Chair Sharma

Kathmandu (Pahichan) September 30 – Chairman of National Human Rights Commission Anup Raj Sharma has said that law implementing agencies are incapable to handle the issues. Speaking at a discussion by Legislator Committee of Parliament with stakeholders on Civil and Criminal code, he said as law implementing agencies are not capable there are a lot of complaints at the Commission.

“Police cannot receive FIR and Commission will have to create pressure to accept it. Only the formulation of law is not sufficient, it should be implemented,” Sharma said. He said there has been criminalization of politics and criminal is being politicized.

He said even the people who are convicted from court are getting free. He said such scenario would only give push to impunity. He said civil and criminal acts should focus on addressing those issues. He said that joint family is being fragmented in Nepal so attention should be given while fragmenting the property.

He said attention should be paid for the welfare of single women while doing the property division. Committee member Krishna Bhakta Pokhrel said the identity of all citizens should be established.  He said the civil and criminal bill would address the aspirations of all class, community, religion and castes.

Chairman of Nepal Law Commission Madhav Poudel said civil and criminal code should be human rights friendly. He said law has stopped the forgery marriage. He said the draft bill has addressed the issues such as family name, property and equal rights in the distribution of property.  Professor Rajit Bhakta Pradhnanga said efforts are underway to make those laws human rights friendly. He said there is a provision of compensation in any type of crime.