Law to translate rights into reality: Gurung  

Kaski (Pahichan) September 8 – Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinky Gurung has said that law should be formulated to translate constitutional rights of gender and sexual minority into reality. Inaugurating two-day National Consultative Meeting of at Pokhara, Gurung said formulating laws are more important than constitutional provisions.

Gurung said new law should legalize the same-sex marriage. She said LGBTI members are facing sexual abuse every day but people are still talking about human rights. Gurung said despite several ups and down, BDS has started the journey of social transformation in the last 17 years.

Human rights activist Kapil Shrestha said there is a need of creating pressure to force parliament to formulate laws on legalizing same-sex marriage. He requested not to forget that rights of gender and sexual minority are human rights. Shrestha said government should arrange reservation for gender and sexual minority.