Law will address the rights of LGBTI

Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 27 – Lawmaker Mukta Kumari Yadav has said that rights of homosexual and transgender will be further strengthened through the formulation of laws. Speaking to Pahichan Radio program, Yadav said the rights mentioned in the constitution has not been ignored by laws.

NC lawmaker Yadav said as there are efforts to change the Muluki Ain, it would address the rights of homosexual and transgender as mentioned in the constitution.

“The constitutional rights will be reflected in the civil and criminal codes which are in the process of review,” she said.  She is of the view that if committee fails to accommodate the concerns of LGBTI, full house will take up the issues. She said that Nepali Student Union has already selected two transgender representatives in their convention. Bhakti Shah and Sahas Batala were selected as representatives in the convention that concluded on Bhadara 2.