Lawmaker Khapung makes hypothetical arguments

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 18 – Lawmaker Bhawani Khapung has made a hypothetical argument stating that same-sex marriage is unnatural. Speaking to Pahichan, Khapung said it is not possible to give a birth to children through same-sex marriage.

“What will happen if all citizens choose same-sex marriage?”  Khapung questioned. She further added that marriage is for the continuation of generation.

She, however, defended her argument saying that it is her personal opinion. She further added that though constitution has ensured the rights of equality, there are not provisions of same-sex marriage in constitution. She, however, said members of this community must be provided equal rights like male and female.

She said intensive study is needed about the same-sex marriage. She was aware about the verdict made by Supreme Court in 2008 about the rights of this community.