Lawmaker’s questions: Where is the right of homosexuals\ transgender?

Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 4- Talking about rights of homosexual and transgender Akawal Ahamad Sah said no one should be denied from fundamental rights.  He said all the citizens are equal and they should be treated accordingly. “There should not be discrimination on the basis of sex and gender,” said Sah.

“There should be freedom to live being a male and female and every individual should get this right,” Sah said. “If people are discriminated on the basis of dress and gesture it is a breach of their fundamental right,” said Sah. He suggested that rights of sexual and gender minorities should be incorporated in the annex part of constitution. Sah, leader of Terai Madhes Loktantrik Party said like Janjati and other marginalized community sexual and gender minorities should get the equal rights.  “The members of this community are Nepali citizen. They should get the right to live with their wishes,” said Sah. He said many homosexual and transgender are living their life as sexual workers. “No one choose this provisions as per the wishes, this is happening due to the lack of equal rights and opportunity,” said Sah.

In the European countries, homosexual and transgender have already received rights. Even in India, Supreme Court has secured the rights, now we should provide right to this community. All the Constituent Assembly (CA) members should understand this,” said Sah. He suggested launching special campaign targeting this community. Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinki Gurung said counseling is currently being carried out in society and other stakeholders. Gurung said the right of this community should be ensured by law.

Executive Director Manisha Dhakal said CA should take initiation to clearly mention the right of this community. Dhakal said as CA members are the representatives of people they should speak in favor of homosexuals and transgender.