LBT conference concludes with 13-point Kathmandu declaration

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 21 – Gender and sexual minority has deplored the government for not incorporating its issues in civil and criminal laws. A two-day conference of LBT held in Kathmandu concluded that these laws did not incorporate the issues related to same-sex marriage and adoption of children. The conference was concluded issuing 13-point Kathmandu declaration.

The conference decided to coordinate with women empowerment issues on LBT issues. The declaration made it clear that it is ready to launch advocacy programs on the basis of concept prepared by Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare on the issue of equality in marriage.

The declaration includes providing citizenship to the children of LBT or adopted children, social security to single women. For such purpose, there will be coordination with National Women Commission, Federal and provincial parliaments and other human rights organizations. Nepal government’s social equality policy states that no one will be lagged behind by 2030. The conference decided to take steps to ensure reservation for the LBT community and full-fledged implementation of inclusive policy.

The conference made a commitment of launching programs to address the issues related to mental health and clarifying the issues related to violence among individuals. The declaration also made commitment to launch awareness campaign reflecting the diversity of this community. Similarly, declaration speaks about maximum use of audio and visual materials to highlight the issues of this community.  The conference appreciated the decisions made by government to issue citizenship and passport on the basis of identity.

There was a commitment to intensify efforts to implement same provisions in other personal documents. The conference also said that educational institutions should be made LBT-friendly.

Speaking at a concluding ceremony of conference, Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinky Gurung said the recommendations provided after identifying the problems will be addressed with top priority. She requested members of this community to disclose their gender identity. She expressed a commitment that BDS will try to address and accommodate all members of this community.

Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society, Manisha Dhakal said LBT conference took place after a long gap. She said BDS has been successful to highlight the issues of this community.  She requested members of this community to work with unison to resolve the problems faced by this community.