Leaders need vision and strategy to run country :  Dhakal

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 15- Indian media are spreading rumors that there is shortage of fuel due to protest by Madhes-based parties, Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society Manisha Dhakal said, “But they never speak about our rights that have been guaranteed by new constitution. They provide positive stories they only spread rumors.”  She underlined the need of informing the citizens of globe about the provisions of new constitution. “Our constitutional provisions have been a hot issue among the gender and sexual minority across the country.”  He said blockade by India has created a lot of problems. “We want to support government at this difficult time,” she said.

Transgender Bhumika Shrestha state is not serious to provide rights to homosexual and transgender but blaming. “Government can not do anything for us, neither provides any opportunity. We are also capable to do something,” said Shrestha. Shrestha said there is a need of inclusive commission.  “The National Human Right Commission should be made inclusive,” said Shrestha.

Director Dhakal said there is a need of formulation of new laws for the implementation of new c constitution. “We need to take the support of experts while formulating laws,” Dhakal said.  Both Dhakal and Shrestha said as family members don’t recognize them they are denied from celebrating Bhaitika. “If family members recognize us, we would be able to celebrate Tihar festivals,” they said. They said country is in crisis due to the lack of visions and strategy among politicians.