Legalize same-sex marriage: Pant

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 4 – Nabin Pant, Secretary of Non-Resident Nepali Association South Australia Chapter has said that same-sex marriage should be legalized without any delay.  He said people’s separate desire should not be oppressed.

“Every individual is different with separate interest so we should respect them on the principle of inclusion,” Pant said adding that existence of all people should be respected and at the same time their awareness level should go up.

He said that he knows the transgender well and participating in the various programs of homosexual and transgender. “I respect the existence of all people, there is a lot of discussions and debate about the same-sex marriage,” he said adding that if sexual desire is suppressed it could create negative things in the society.

He said if the children born in the same family face discrimination, they become frustrated and could become the victims of depression.  He said it is a global issue and there is no alternative to accept it.

He said members of this community were in existence since the long time but they are facing discrimination in the society. “If we look the sculpture in the temple, we can see the picture sexual intercourse but they feel hesitant to discuss and talk about it. We should legalize same-sex marriage,” he said.