Legalizing a same-sex marriage is mandatory : Panta

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 27 – Advocate Sujan Panta has said that both Supreme Court order and constitution provision has made it mandatory that same-sex marriage should be legalized. Speaking to Pahichan, he said that a government report has already recommended for the same and newly appointed constitution has ensured the rights of citizenship, equal rights and social justice. In this context, according to him, if same-sex marriage is not legalized, it would raise questions about the implementation of new constitution. 

“The Supreme Court in 2064 Poush 6 directed to form a committee hinting for the same-sex marriage and the committee has recommended for the same,” said Panta adding that the recommendation of commission is like an implementation of court verdict.  He said, no one can deny the same-sex marriage.

He said the fundamental rights granted by constitution to the members of this community cannot be encroached by anyone. He said every citizen has right to challenge the government if the rights mentioned in the constitution is not implemented.  He said the right of equality is wide and it is also applicable in marriage also.

He said some people are intentionally against such rights though a lot of discussion is taking place in parliament for the purpose of making a law. He said opposing same-sex marriage is a bad intention though they understand that it has paved the way for the same.  “There may be homophobic character with some people or there could a tendency of criticizing other people,” Panta said.