Legalizing same-sex marriage is helpful to secure our rights : Magar, Khadka

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 15 – Gay male Bibek Magar and Pradeep Khadka have said that due to the lack of legal recognition of marriage, the homosexual relation is not going to be stabilized. Speaking to Pahichan they said many homosexual are in relation only to fulfill their sexual desire.

“It has also made easier to those who want to live together with same desire,” they said. If same-sex marriage is legalized, they think they have to live together again if there is misunderstanding for some days. Both are of the view that state should give equal rights to them.

They underlined the need of legalizing the relations. Stating that they are facing difficulties from families for marriage, Magar said, “Family members are pressing to do marriage. But, I do not want to ruin the life of any female,” said Magar.

Magar said members of this community are denied from rights due to reluctance to give their identity. “We have to give our identity so get respect from others. I say other friends to come up with their gender identity,” said Magar.