LGBTI against black market, price hike

Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 14 – Members of gender and sexual minority have protested against price hike, black market and corruption. They participated in a sit-in program organized at Bhadrakali. Coordinator of Naya Shakti Baburam Bhattarai has taken a lead role in protests.

Kalobazari 2They also demanded to give momentum to the relief and reconstruction of earthquake. “Let’s maintain a national unity, end the black market and provide relief to earthquake affected people, stop women violence and resolve the Madhes crisis as soon as possible,” they said in the protest.

Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinkg Gurung who is also coordinator of Interim Council of Naya Shakti said they organized sit-in program to highlight the issues faced by country. Umesh Pandey, Vice-chairman of BDS said price hike and black market has affected the daily life of protests and it is a symbolic protests.